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Station 05

Esterwegen Memorial

The Esterwegen Memorial is a central European place of commemoration to remember the 15 Emsland camps, their inmates and victims. The memorial site is shaped by an impressive design idea. The so-called camp street where the massive cold steel elements and fields of trees suggest the outlines of the former camp, the tour and the steel bridge are a document of European memorial culture. The biographical approach of the permanent exhibit is impressive. The permanent exhibit as well as lectures and special exhibitions in the visitor centre and the grounds make the Esterwegen memorial site a place of remembrance, reflection, and learning. The Esterwegen memorial site is reached by crossing the steel bridge and is also accessible from the moor info path. Entrance is free.

April 1 – October 31:

Tuesday-Sunday from 10-6 pm

November 1 - March 31:

Tuesday – Sunday from 10-5 pm

The memorial site is closed every Monday as well as between December 15-January 15

Entrance gate to the former storage area (© Gedenkstätte Esterwegen)

Additional Links | Website of the Esterwegen Memorial with information regarding opening times, tours, special exhibits, and lectures.

Additional Literature

Research literature, memoirs and stories | A variety of literature suggestions are on the Esterwegen Website. The literature is in part available in the visitor centre shop.

© Gemeinde Esterwegen. All rights reserved..